Method and apparatus for determining the conjugate relationship of a QPSK signal and method and apparatus for dispersion compensation

Methode und Apparat zur Bestimmung des QPSK-Signal Konjugationszustandes und Methode und System zur Dispersationskompensation

Méthode et appareil pour déterminer le mode conjugué d'un signal QPSK et méthode et appareil pour compenser la dispersion


The present invention discloses a QPSK signal conjugate relationship identification method and apparatus. The method includes: receiving a first binary sequence signal, using the first binary sequence signal to modulate an optical signal, and determining, within a first predetermined range, a first bias voltage in a QPSK modulator; receiving a second binary sequence signal, using the second binary sequence signal to modulate the optical signal, determining a second range within the first predetermined range according to the first bias voltage, and determining, within the second range, a second bias voltage in the QPSK modulator; and determining a conjugate relationship of the QPSK signal according to a value relationship between the first bias voltage and the second bias voltage.




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