(meth)acrylsäureesterverbindung und deren verwendung

Compose d'ester (meth)acrylique et son utilisation

(meth)acrylic ester compound and use thereof


A (meth)acrylic ester compound represented by the general formula (1) and a dental material containing the compound, wherein, in the formula, R 11 represents a divalent aromatic group; R 12 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; R 13 represents an aryl group; R 14 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; and X 11 represents an oxygen atom or a sulfur atom. The dental material and the dental composition which each contains the compound represented by the general formula (1) according to the present invention are useful because they are superior in curability and also combine transparency, X-ray contrast property, and low polymerization shrinkage while retaining various properties required for dental materials (for example, flexural strength and the like). Furthermore, a polymerizable composition containing the (meth)acrylic ester compound represented by the general formula (1) which can be polymerized and molded within a short period of time by photopolymerization. It gives a cured resin which is excellent in the transparency, optical properties (refractive index and Abbe's number), heat resistance, mechanical properties and the like. Also provided is an optical part obtained by polymerizing the polymerizable composition.




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