Querträger für ein Kraftfahrzeug

Poutre transversale de véhicule

Cross member of a vehicle


Ein Querträger für ein Kraftfahrzeug ist gekennzeichnet durch einen Halter (2) zum Befestigen der Lenksäule, der Pedallerie und/oder anderer in diesem Bereich befindlicher Teile (Fig. 1).
Transverse support (1) for a motor vehicle comprises a holder (2) for fixing the steering column, the pedals, and/or other parts found in this region. <??>Preferred Features: The steering column, pedals and one or more module supports are fixed on the holder by welding and/or adhesive connections. The transverse support consists of two half shells (7) and is provided with reinforcement (10, 20), especially on the driver's side. The reinforcement is designed as a continuous component or a tube between the tunnel and the A-pillar (15).




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