Semiconductor device employing tunnel effect and method of fabricating the same

Tunneleffekt-Halbleiteranordnung und Verfahren zur Herstellung

Dispositif semi-conducteur à effet tunnel et méthode de fabrication


A buffer layer (2), a barrier layer (3), a channel layer (4) and another barrier layer (5) are successively formed on a semiinsulating semiconductor substrate (1). The forbidden bandwidths of the barrier layers (3,5) holding the channel layer (4) therebetween are larger than that of the channel layer (4). The channel layer (4) is of a p + -type doped in high concentration, and a gate electrode opposed part (6) in the channel layer is of an n + -type doped in high concentration. The gate electrode opposed part (6) in the channel layer is formed by Si diffusion/doping from an SiO x /SiN multilayer film.




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