High density semiconductor memory device and process for producing the same

Dispositif semi-conducteur de mémoire à grande densité et procédé pour sa fabrication

Halbleiterspeicher hoher Dichte und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung


A charge-pump-memory device is disclosed which comprises an insulating substrate (11) on which are arranged: an n + semiconductor region (12) which constitutes a bit line; another n + semiconductor region (14) which constitutes a power supply line; and a p-type semiconductor region (13) between the two n + semiconductor regions which is a floating base region; a metal wiring layer (16) constituting a word line is situated on an insulating layer (15) over the semiconductor regions, the floating base region being separated from the wiring layer by only a thin portion of the insulating layer. The bit line runs parallel with the power supply line and perpendicular to the metal wiring constituting the word line.




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